To: The Government.

stop the sale of live animals in pet shops.

stop the sale of live animals in pet shops.

Bring in a law to stop pet shops selling live animals.

Why is this important?

There are many illegal birds and amphibians, brought into the country to be sold in our pet shops. Not to mention people breeding cats and dogs to be sold there too. Puppies and kittens less than six weeks old, are left all night unattended while the shops are shut. This is cruel and unecessary, especially as there are so many unwanted animals languishing in rehoming centres. Please sign the petition and let's stop this trade in animals.


Reasons for signing

  • Simply a cruel practice where the animals are given no love, unattended from close of business each day, largely ignored during opening times and then the real opportunity of being purchased on impulse. On no level can stocking animals be considered responsible.
  • I signed because no animal should be born to live its life in a cage.
  • The keeping of ALL animals (including farmed) should be licensed with rigorous checks.


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