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To: Leonard Cheshire Disability charity trustees and officers

Stop the sale of St Anthony's Leonard Cheshire home, Wolverhampton.

The residents and families of St Anthony's Leonard Cheshire care home, Wolverhampton want the officers and trustees of the charity to reconsider the sale of this care home

Why is this important?

Leonard Cheshire have put 17 care homes for severely disabled people up for sale, including St Anthony's Wolverhampton.. The homes were all started by Leonard Cheshire years’ ago and are run with the values he promoted - “Homes for Life” in safe and secure surroundings within a not-for-profit organisation. It is wrong to sell them.

People trust the name Leonard Cheshire and support the residential homes which were set up in his name. Many of the homes occupy land donated to the charity. They are not in financial trouble. They have always said they are leaders in this type of care - severely disabled adults. Why are Leonard Cheshire now selling the very reason they came into being in the first place?

They say the homes are in the wrong places - this is not true. All of these homes are in beautiful surroundings near cities and those residents that live in them love their home and don't want any change to take place. We all fear that a new service provider will make changes that will affect the health and well being of these vulnerable people. Please sign to prevent any such distress!


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