To: All Military Veterans of The King's Regiment and it's associations

Stop the sale of The King's Regimental Silver

Stop the sale of The King's Regimental Silver

Stop the sale of our Regimental History. We have lost enough Our Regiment's name has gone from The British Armies orbat since 2006.
Shortly our Regimental Silver of The King's Regiment and Manchester Regiment from Regimental Barracks across the Northwest of England will be sold of at auction to the highest bidder and would then be lost forever so this must be stopped. Please sign this petition. Personally I will not bid as I feel this is out of order.


The Summer Newsletter gave notice that it was our intent to dispose of a large quantity of silver and silver plate over the next couple of years. Items will firstly be offered for sale by closed auction to subscribing members of the Regimental Association and serving personnel. As noted, the first tranche will focus mainly on the items recovered from the closure of Ardwick Green; most being from either the King’s or Manchester’s. This note is an update.

As advised, we have been producing a catalogue which is nearing completion. It will be distributed from late October to those who have asked for a copy, along with a bid proforma. We have received a number of requests for the catalogue, but anyone who has not done so should request one without delay and by 20 Oct 17 at the following e mail address:

In your return, please ensure you provide us with a postal address to send the catalogue.

Those interested and who have requested a catalogue will also have opportunities to view items in the store at Fulwood Barracks, Preston on the following days:

24 Oct 17 and 14 Nov 17

There will only be two viewing times on each day, 1030hrs and 1330hrs. Note that access to the store is unfortunately by steps only.

Due to the current security state, those intending to visit to view the items with an intention to bid must bring some form of photo id otherwise you will not gain admittance to the barracks. You must also notify RHQ of your intention to view the items either by phone to 01772 260593 or use the email address provided above.

The auction will take place in Dec 17.

Why is this important?

It is important that this Silver is kept as it represents the history of a regiment of the british army which has served with distinction in all theatres of battle. It should also be kept as the regiment has served the cities of Liverpool and Manchester and are ingrained in the cities history's.

If you are a true veteran of The King's Regiment you will sign this petition without thinking what others will say. It is your history your father's history your grandfather's history and in my case my Great Grandfather's History and the reason I joined the regiment.

The Silver in question should be shared out to Regimental Association's and Regimental Museums within the relivent cities museum's so it can be displayed. If this can't be done it should be stored until a place can be found for it to be displayed.

Please sign this petition.

Reasons for signing

  • Because my daddy Michael Chadwick was a Kingo
  • I've signed this for my children's father Kingsman Michael Chadwick. He isn't here to sign it himself he loved his regiment and his Kingos / Comrades which is why I will do all I can to support them
  • x kingo it should not be sold


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