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To: Trustees of the Whitehawk and Manor Farm Association, Brighton and Hove Council & The Charities Commission

Stop the Sale of the Valley Social Club

Stop the Sale of the Valley Social Club

We, the undersigned, wish to voice our opposition to the sale by the Whitehawk and Manor Farm Community Association of the land and buildings that currently make up the Valley Social Centre in Whitehawk. We support calls for the revitalisation of the Association and its preservation so as to provide much needed affordable community facilities and services in the community. We declare that we have No Confidence in the 3 trustees who appear to have deliberately run down the Centre so as to justify its sale. We call on the Charities Commission to investigate apparent severe irregularities in the governance of the Association and call upon Brighton and Hove Council to halt moves towards a sale and prioritise the option of supporting local people to revitalise the Social Club.

Why is this important?

It is vital that the Social Club is retained for community use and not sold out from underneath the community by trustees who appear to have no concern for the interests or well-being of local people.

A community led association, providing much needed affordable facilities and services to the community would bring considerable benefit to the local community.

Brighton and Hove

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Reasons for signing

  • Because there are too many flats already
  • Because the local residents need community space
  • Why wouldn't you sign it?


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