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To: Natural England and UK Governments

Stop the senseless killing of Minks

Stop the senseless killing of Minks

Abolish Natural England licences and regulations against the senseless and unjustified killing of American Minks by way of caging them when found and brutally shooting them in the head whilst caged!
These mammals have been forever persecuted first for their gorgeous fur and for the past decades slaughtered in the wild because considered as invasive non native species (though they have been present in our habitat since 1920).

Why is this important?

Minks form part of our habitat and they have replaced other predatory species such as Lynxes which have become functionally extinct in the UK.
Also with the ever so increasing Global Warming and species shifting across the continents in search for temperatures closer to their Natural Habitat we cannot carry on a senseless genocide of NON Native species.
We ought to call upon DEFRA, Natural England and our UK Governments to embrace Compassionate Conservation, abolish obsolete regulation and allow/create areas across the country where minks can find sanctuary and live in harmony with other species...just as successfully achieved in Kent Wild Life Trust, where minks coexist harmoniously with beavers and water voles.

United Kingdom

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