To: The Riverside Group

Stop the Service Charge

Stop the Service Charge

Stop the intended service charge being applied as from April to all The Riverside Group Tenants.

Why is this important?

People who live in social housing are already paying high tenancy fees, this will add more anxiety to the very ones who need social housing.
Paying nearly £100 for a 3 bed house is putting the roofs over the heads of children at risk.
The Government will pay more for housing benefit thus meaning the tax payer will be also footing the bill.
The Riverside Group have intentionally made more than a third of their manual workforce redundant, how do the expect to maintain thousands of properties with less workforce?
The tenants are having to pay for remedial works already and are having to wait long hours for a response to urgent works.
This is a stealth tax on the very people who need / rely on social housing.


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Reasons for signing

  • This is wrong and will create anxiety to people already struggling.