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To: North Yorkshire County Council & Harrogate Borough Council

STOP The Station Gateway Project & the Pedestrianisation of Harrogate’s Town Centre

Looks can be deceptive.......

This plan proposes drastic changes to the whole of the centre of Harrogate, not only around the Rail and Bus Stations.

This will adversely affect every resident in Harrogate. Forcing the traffic from the town centre onto the surrounding roads - RIPON ROAD, LEEDS ROAD, COLD BATH ROAD, SKIPTON ROAD & WETHERBY ROAD.

This is a very extensive scheme with proposals to alter access to both the Bus & Train Stations and to put wide cycle lanes on both sides of many roads, including Station Parade and East Parade, with one option being a single lane for cars throughout. It would also put cycle lanes on Cheltenham Parade and Bower Roads and make several other roads one way within the town. It also proposes pedestrianising major parts of Harrogate, e.g., James St, Princes Sq.

As well as possibly making the major routes through the town one lane only for cars the following is suggested:
• Albert Street could become one-way eastbound between John Street and Station Parade.
• Changes could be made to the Albert Street/Station Parade/Station Bridge junction with movements from Albert Street for vehicles limited to right turns only (onto Station Parade towards Victoria Avenue).
• Two-lanes for general traffic would remain on Station Parade (southbound) between Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.
• We have proposed one-way cycle lanes be delivered on both sides of Station Parade in this location. This may involve moving some existing trees.
• We hope to be able to retain the majority of on-street parking including the existing Blue Badge parking.
Click here to access the proposal, plans of Zones 1 &2 & survey plus more:

Harrogate council say that: "Sustainable transport is a key priority for this council." Yet they continue to build more and more homes, which simply bring more cars and more congestion.

Now is your chance to do so, voice your opinion and have your say in the future of your town.

Why is this important?

1. It will make it more difficult for disabled users and the elderly.
2. It will not improve traffic flow & congestion.
3. It will be bad for businesses and residents.
4. It will be more difficult for loading & deliveries.
5. It will not encourage people to cycle instead of drive and the air quality will not improve.

All we need to do is look at Oxford Street, Cambridge Street and Beulah Street to see the detrimental effects pedestrianisation has on shops, businesses and the appearance of our town. We need a flow of people through the town to support business, not to cut it off.

It has been stated on more than one occasion these measures will benefit business, but with as many as 60-70 per cent of visitors arriving by car, we are not sure how it will. Those visitors bring a substantial amount of income to hospitality and retail without which, we fear it would be terribly damaging to the town’s economy.

The reality is that if businesses do not have access all day for customers and deliveries, they will not be able to function and may have to close unless a satisfactory solution is found.

Harrogate is currently a wonderful place to live, work and bring up a family. It has a unique and vibrant character and is a happy place too. It has even been voted so!

With great buildings, wonderful shopping, fabulous restaurants, and cultural life, all surrounded by our beautiful Stray.

We welcome improved cycling provisions across the District, to encouraging people to walk and cycle, however, what we are opposed to is anything that could have a detrimental impact on our livelihoods, our environment, our businesses, our conference trade, and our town as a whole? Wholesale introduction of cycle lanes through the town is not necessarily the answer. Harrogate has steep roads, and the climate is not always warm and sunny…too often it is cold, windy, and wet.

We must work together to find better alternative solutions.

Harrogate Residents Association
Harrogate, UK

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