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To: Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group and Brighton and Hove City Council

Stop the theft of Brighton General Hospital site: Keep it Public!

Stop the theft of Brighton General Hospital site: Keep it Public!

1.Conduct a more meaningful and extensive public consultation on the potential uses for this site - NHS, housing and community.
2. Explore further NHS uses for this site - such as community beds.
3. Brighton and Hove city to purchase the site.
4. Ensure any housing built on this site includes housing for social rent, keyworker housing and addresses the needs of homeless people in the city.

Why is this important?

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust plan to sell the Brighton General Hospital and develop a new Community Health Hub. Brighton General Hospital Action Group believe that this public land must remain a public asset for the people of Brighton and Hove.We believe that this site redevelopment offers the opportunity to address some of the much needed, and urgent, health, social care and housing needs in the city and are concerned that current proposals are inadequate.


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Reasons for signing

  • Brighton needs transitional beds fir those leaving hospital who are in difficulty supporting themselves. Plus public facilities and low cost housing. Not more yuppy dwellings
  • This corporate take over of our NHS must stop,taxpayers own this asset since 1862.Plans for this sale were hatched in secret at the Susex Community NHSFoundation Trust Board meeting last October.It cannot and must not happen
  • This could seriously affect my work in addition to losing an asset to the local community.


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