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To: Waltham Forest Council

Stop the toxic Lea Bridge Gas Works Development

Stop the toxic Lea Bridge Gas Works Development

We call upon Waltham Forest Council to halt St William of Berkeley Group's proposed development of the Lea Bridge gas works, as it poses a serious health threat to our children and all residents of the area.

Why is this important?

The gas works site is adjacent to Jubilee Park and within half a mile of five schools and many residential streets, as well as the Waterworks Nature Reserve.

The site is contaminated with toxic chemicals including naphthalene, cyanide, benzene, arsenic and asbestos, which can cause cancer and other serious illnesses (1). Berkeley Homes has already seen serious and widespread health problems for residents around their gasworks development in Southall. Their current standards for remediating the soil are not good enough. Worse, they are refusing to address the complaints of those made sick by their actions.

Southall residents have suffered breathing problems, skin rashes, eye problems, mental confusion, nausea, and vomiting, with one family forced to rent an oxygen tank for their seven year old daughter (2).

The children of Willow Brook, Riverley, Lammas, St Joseph's and Sybourn play and go to school here. A large community of people lives in the surrounding area. We cannot allow them to suffer as the people of Southall have.

We call upon Waltham Forest Council to
- reject the planning application
- halt any development on the site until new nationally recognised standards for remediation of contaminated land mean toxic substances will not be released into the air
- guarantee environmental testing before, during and after any work
- guarantee no toxic substances processed on site.

(1) - site report whic shows soil contents


How it will be delivered

By email.

London Borough of Waltham Forest, UK

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