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To: Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan M.P.

Stop the Tudor Grange Redditch Business case

Stop the Tudor Grange Redditch Business case

We urge the Rt. Hon Nicky Morgan to reject the age change proposals by Tudor Grange Academy Redditch as there is no "basic need" for change in the Redditch Education System.

Why is this important?

Tudor Grange Academy Redditch has submitted a business case to pursue their change in age range in order to become a secondary school.
This is despite a consultation process which indicated great opposition from parents and educationalists.
This will cause chaos and disruption to the other schools in Redditch. Re-organisation will cost the taxpayers millions.
Our three tier system is working well, we do not need expensive and unnecessary change.

How it will be delivered

We will send the signatures by post.


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Reasons for signing

  • There is no basic need and the consultation process clearly indicated opposition to the Tudor Grange proposal of a change in age range.
  • why change something that is working well??
  • There is no basic need.


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