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To: Michael Gove, The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and MP Gillian Keegan,


Reduce housing targets on the Manhood Peninsula and coastal villages
and build legitimate, affordable housing.

Why is this important?

Why is this important?
Due to 74% of Chichester District Councils land being in the South Downs National Park or AONB areas which are protected against development - this leaves the coastal plain and the rural villages of the Manhood Peninsula and around the Chichester Harbour AONB, targeted to be overloaded with excessive numbers of new houses, with no adequate roads or sewage infrastructure to support them.
The current system for providing affordable housing does not work.
Developers are building houses that are not affordable.
The Manhood Peninsula and the coastal and harbour villages to the west are the last undeveloped coastal hinterlands between Southampton and Brighton. These areas are mainly agricultural and of inestimable public value for food supply security, to protect the natural environment, to ensure adequate wildlife corridors and to support businesses involved in the rapidly growing green tourism sector.
The Manhood Peninsula contains some of the South’s most important wetlands at Pagham Harbour and Medmerry and is one of the most vulnerable stretches of coastline when it comes to protecting us from future climate change impacts. The green spaces and fields between the villages to the west of Chichester and around Chichester Harbour are essential resources for wildlife and leisure activities.
Long term holistic planning is critical to our environmental and economic future.
The Government and District Council need to re-evaluate the housing numbers for the whole District before development devastates the unique and beautiful areas and villages that people choose to visit and value for their rural nature.

How it will be delivered

Sadly we have had to cancel the march on October 9th.
We are putting all our immediate efforts into gaining more signatures for the petition and will find a new way to present your views to government which generates maximum publicity.
Please tell your friends to sign so our voices are heard.
We’ll be back soon with a new way to tell the truth to power.
Watch this space.

Chichester, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Ronald prior
  • The Manhood Peninsula is an area of unmatched open coastal plain between Southampton and Brighton, which needs to be protected from development, not only because of its unique character but also the unsuitability of the critical infrastructure to support large scale development.
  • The Manhood Peninsula and the South Downs are AONB, they should have limited permission to build and sustainable facilities for the people already living there. There is effectively one road in and out for the beaches; there could be aside some cycling paths; the sewage is released into the Chichester harbour because the existing infrastructure can't cope; the planning applications are not for affordable housing. The Council should make a holistic plan to encourage sustainable tourism too.


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