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To: George Eustice, Robert Jenrick, Gillian Keegan, Chichester District Council


Reduce housing targets on the Manhood Peninsula
and build legitimate, affordable housing.

Why is this important?

Due to 70% of Chichester District Councils land being in the South Downs National Park or AONB areas which are protected against development - this leaves the coastal plain and the rural villages of the Witterings, Earnley, Bracklesham and Birdham to be overloaded with excessive numbers of new housing developments with no infrastructure to support development.
The current system for providing affordable housing does not work.
Developers are building houses that are not affordable.
The Manhood Peninsula is the last undeveloped coastal hinterland between Southampton and Brighton - that's its overriding value in terms of one the biggest growing areas of the tourism sector - green and outdoor tourism. The peninsula contains some of the south’s most important wetlands and is one of the most vulnerable stretches of coastline when it comes to climate change impact. Long term holistic planning is critical to its environmental and economic future.
The government and the District Council need to recalculate the housing numbers on the Manhood before development devastates this unique and beautiful area that people choose to visit for its rural nature.


Reasons for signing

  • Too many houses already being built and not enough schools and more gp surgeries to accommodate this.
  • Posted on Facebook! Building houses on agricultural land is crazy.
  • The infrastructure cannot cope with this - developers have no sympathy with the area and build “catalogue” houses with no design aesthetic. The transport links are impossible at the best of times (ie the road to the witterings). It will ruin an environmentally important area. I’ve lived in a village in North Yorkshire which has been badly impacted by thoughtless development.


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