To: Qatari government, British government, FIFA

Stop the World Cup in Qatar

End the Nepali slave labour being used to build the World Cup stadiums and infrastructure.

See Guardian video exposing it:

Why is this important?

Nepali immigrants are being subjected to slave labour by Qatari construction firms building the World Cup stadiums and infrastructure. Qatar sits on an ocean of oil with a population of just under 2 million. The country is rolling in money and can easily afford to pay a living wage but instead it is choosing to treat the immigrants like slaves. The World Cup cannot be allowed to take place in Qatar in these circumstances. We call on FIFA to seek a new location for the World Cup and the British Government to boycott the Qatar World Cup unless the immigrant construction workers are paid a living wage, back pay and reparations for past mistreatment.

You can write to the Qatari government to put pressure on it to end slave labour. You can email the Qatari Labour Inspection Department:

You can also write, phone or fax the UK Qatari Embassy to complain about the use of slave labour at the World Cup stadiums and associated infrastructure sites:

Telephone: 020 7493 2200
Fax: 020 7493 2819

1 South Audley St

Send a message to FIFA via its online contact form:

Send a message to the UK Department of Culture Media and Sport via its online contact form:

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Reasons for signing

  • Qatar shouldn't be allowed to host the world cup the way people are treated there!
  • Because the Arabs treat women like dirt, have no respect for human life and are unfit to be holding a world cup event. They are a disgrace but also the heat would give an unfair advantage to teams from the Middle East.
  • I love the World Cup but the use of forced workers is unacceptable and the death toll far far too high.


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