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To: Kevin Foster MP/Persimmon Homes/Torbay Council

Stop Torbay Ring Road closure

Urgent reconsideration of the proposed 4 month road closure of the Torbay Ring Road. Commitment to preventing surrounding, minor roads being used inappropriately for diversions or motorists trying to avoid the roadworks, i.e. residential roads of Goodrington and Whiterock, and single track country lanes used to access Galmpton, Stoke Gabriel and Aish from Totnes and Kennels Road.

Why is this important?

The Brixham Chamber of Trade, is reported to have concerns including (but not exclusively) the following: "The closure of this road for even one week would be extremely difficult for our town. The route down towards Goodrington will be gridlocked for much of the day. Emergency services will struggle to get through. Tourists will turn around and abandon their plans to visit Brixham or Dartmouth.

“Children will be unable to get to school. Nurses will be unable to get between home and Torbay hospital. Staff will be unable to commute into our members’ businesses" [Devon Live online 14 November 2022]

Torquay, UK

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2022-12-08 15:44:41 +0000

Update: whilst this petition can be used to approach the developer and other interested parties, Torbay Council have advised they will need more information from signatories. The easiest way to gather this was to start a new petition over on the Torbay Council website. Please head over there to sign that petition. Thanks

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Also worth signing here.

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