To: Prime Minister Theresa May

STOP U.S. #45 President Trump’s State Visit altogether

STOP U.S. #45 President Trump’s State Visit altogether

After the so called US President’s in excusable racism & insitement of hatred on Twitter. Re-Tweeting Britain First’s disgusting Tweets, I therefore call for the Prime Minister of the UK, to rescind the invitation extended to him for a state visit or any other visit!

Why is this important?

We cannot be seen to condone such disgraceful & evil behaviour, by just giving him a slap on the wrist! This is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the 21st Century & all Racism & Bigotry should NEVER been witnessed from a Countries Leader! President Trump is not welcome!


Reasons for signing

  • This man is a bigoted, war mongering, megalomaniac sex offender and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near our country.
  • We cannot allow this vile excuse of a human being that it is not acceptable to be Racist or in sighting Hatred towards anyone,?when you are a Leader of a Country


2017-12-05 18:37:41 +0000

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