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To: Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

Stop Viagogo taking over Stubhub

Prevent Viagogo from taking over its rival Stubhub and creating a monopoly in UK ticket resale.

Why is this important?

Stubhub is currently Viagogo’s only competitor in the UK for ticket reselling. If Viagogo takes over Stubhub, Viagogo will have no competition when it comes to reselling tickets online. That means fans will only have one place to shop if they miss out on a sold out event.

This should be stopped. Viagogo makes huge profits by capitalising on high demand on sold out events, and was recently investigated by the CMA for misleading customers. If they’re the only company in the UK reselling tickets, more and more fans will have no choice but use Viagogo.

The Competition Markets Authority can stop this takeover happening. If they intervene in this deal, it could mean that fans have a customers and fans have better choice when trying to get tickets to their favourite concerts and events.



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