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To: Caroline Nokes, Immigration Minister and Sajid Javid, Home Secretary

Stop Andrew Farotade having to leave the UK

Stop Andrew Farotade having to leave the UK

Please allow widowed father Andrew Farotade Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Why is this important?

Andrew Farotade from Nigeria has a master’s degree in engineering from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. He has worked for the Security Industry Authority in jobs in which he was responsible for the security of highly valuable, hi-tech equipment and intellectual assets worth millions of pounds. Marrying in 2013, his son was born in 2014; but later that year his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She died when the child was 2.

3 days later, and despite working all through his wife's illness in order to meet Indefinite Leave to Remain rules as well as caring for her and their little son, Andrew Farotade was told by the Home Office that his application had been refused. The grounds for refusal were full of errors. An accusation of deceit against him was dropped on the advice of the government's own legal department, and the Home Office agreed to pay his legal fees (which they have not yet done). 3 months after this, they again refused him on the grounds of his "character and conduct" (still unspecified).

Andrew Farotade and his 4 year old son's lives are now in limbo. His request for a second judicial review was refused because the judge said the Home Office didn’t have to justify their use of the controversial paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules.

He hasn’t been able to work since 21 July 2016. He can’t afford to challenge the ruling in the court of appeal. All he wants to do is to get back to the work the UK's own education system trained him for, to keep himself and care for his son, and to contribute to UK society.

Further details of Andrew Farotade's story can be found in .



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