To: UK Honours Forfeiture Committee

Strip Philip Green of his Knighthood

Strip Philip Green of his Knighthood

Remove Philip Green's Knighthood unless he pays back the money he made from BHS

Why is this important?

Thousands of employees are facing the loss of their jobs, pension recipients are at risk of having their payment reduced and the taxpayer and/or other pension funds have to step in to prop up the pension protection fund.


Reasons for signing

  • This individual owns 3 x private yachts whilst presiding over the systematic asset stripping of BHS. Not only should he have his knighthood taken away: he should be incarcerated unless he personally pays £650-700 millions into the pension fund he's left in such a parlous state!
  • I think it's a disgrace it's legal for him to use BHS workers pension for his business interests and then sell the company. He knew what he was doing, he also thinks he is above the law. He contributes nothing to this country his assets have been in his wife's name for years. Makes you wonder if it was his plan all along. If he's not ashamed himself it's time the British public showed him we are and we won't stand for him or his type.
  • He doesn't deserve an honour - and he still continues to rub the pensioners noses in it through his partying


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