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Strip Southern Rail of the franchise

Strip Southern Rail of the franchise

Strip Southern rail and the parent company Govia Thameslink of their franchise

Why is this important?

Thousands of passengers have had to put up with severe delays and cancelled trains for weeks on end because Southern rail's incompetence. After weeks of misery, they have now axed 341 services a day.

When the government stepped in and took over failing East Coast rail, passenger satisfaction levels were the highest on record and punctuality and reliability improved. Plus, it put £640 million back in to the public purse.

Southern rail and their parent company Govia Thameslink are paid to provide a service - but they're not doing it. It's time they were stripped of the franchise.


Reasons for signing

  • I am sick and tired of the way us commuters are being treated, not only have they cut a number of trains from service, those that they are running on our line have had the number of carriages reduced by half. I complained to southern rail and was told it is not against H&S to stand on a train. Standing we can cope with but being squashed on a train at half past six in the morning just to get to work is dangerous and disgusting.
  • It is about time the service is significantly improved!
  • Because if I don't get to work on time, I don't get to see my kids. Because I am angry at being treated like a number. Because I have had enough of being lied to about reasons why trains are not running. Because of the lack of consideration and planning from Southern.


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