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To: Dominic Raab

Stuck in Australia - bring us home

Stuck in Australia - bring us home

I would like Mr Raab to help organise repatriation flights for British citizens stranded in Australia. He must intervene to help bring home British Nationals who are currently stranded in Australia.

All flights have been cancelled due to every transit zone being closed. Many British Nationals are stranded in the country and in urgent need of repatriation flights home.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Australia. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home, such as Peru. Mr Raab had suggested it is up to private enterprise and airlines to organise repatriation flights but all airlines are cancelling their flights.

Only route left is Qatar which is costing £7000 per person. For the vast majority, this would have been well beyond their reach. And why is the government leaving it to each individual to find a solution?

Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and the country is on lockdown with inter-state travel being closed down so we can’t easily get to key airports.

Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to come home!


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Reasons for signing

  • For a friend
  • Stuck In Australia with no money or place to stay
  • Flights are expensive but I can provide temp accommodation in Brisbane for up to 2 people if anyone is desperate.


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