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To: Greggs / Subway / NMTC / HPBC / DCC

Subway / Greggs For New Mills

Subway / Greggs For New Mills

New Mills is a growing historic town with many festivals and events, attended by over 12,000 people every time. There are many tourists who come to see the old mills, The Torrs and all heritage sites, meaning there would be alot of traffic to a new store

Why is this important?

The nearest subways are in Hazel Grove (8 Miles) and Glossop (8 Miles), and the one in Buxton recently closed. There are very few shops similar to Subway in New Mills.

The nearest greggs are in Buxton (12 Miles), Marple (4 Miles) or Glossop (8 Miles). It would be understandable that Greggs might not want a store in the main town centre, due to local bakeries, but one on the A6 would be highly successful

New Mills, High Peak SK22, UK

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Here's a property on Union Road New Mills