To: The Home Office

Support and Protect Asylum Seekers Adequately

Support and Protect Asylum Seekers Adequately

1) Give asylum seekers the support they need.
2) Increase government payments from around £5 per day as this is too litle to be able to live on without having to rely on crime or charity, due to asylum seekers being unable to work.
3) Stop making LGBTQ+ people prove their sexual orientation for asylum to be granted.

Why is this important?

Those of us that are UK citizens are very lucky in that we don't have to leave our homes, countries, friends and neighbours just to be able to live in safety. Some people need to leave their homes.

Instead of always supporting these people, the Home Office can detain them, despite no criminal offence being committed. Asylum seekers also only get very small payments from the government, and as they are often not allowed to work, it can be very hard to live off these payments.

Also, LGBTQ+ people should not have to 'prove' that their sexual orientation to be granted asylum as this cannot really be done, and people may very well have hid their sexual orientation to keep themselves safe in their home countries due to fears of discrimination, violence or death from either their governments or wider society.

Asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. They should be offered protected which the Home Office currently appears to be failing to provide in many cases.


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