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To: Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, Jeane Freeman

Justice for HES workers - abandoned by private NHS firm

Step in and ensure the HES workers get paid

Why is this important?

When Healthcare Environmental Services (HES) - a private healthcare company making profits from the NHS - collapsed, staff were left without the wages they were owed.

HES were the private company that made a fortune out of the NHS before collapsing in scandal over their failure to dispose of hazardous waste that is now piled high in warehouses across the UK.

Now these failures are forcing former staff to foodbanks. The Scottish Government can end this by stepping in to make sure the staff get paid.

Despite the company’s collapse, NHS boards have continued to pay HES Ltd despite wages being withheld from staff. Continuing to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to HES Ltd in December and January whilst workers were denied their wages makes a mockery of the NHS. We are only asking for what we are rightfully owed. We need the Cabinet Secretary to end this injustice.


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