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To: Newcastle City Council

Support for Change Grow Live Services at Fenham Library

Support for Change Grow Live Services at Fenham Library

This is a pledge of support by members of the Fenham Community. We support the plans to use Fenham Library as a wellness recovery hub for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction

Why is this important?

We believe these services are important. We believe in recovery through tailored support and we know that people in our community will benefit from having these services locally. Whilst we hear that some people have felt it has been pushed through without proper consultation, we think the plans put forward are considered and sensible.

We want to give voice to people who support the plans, to counter those that have objected to it.

Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Reasons for signing

  • I don't want to see anything stop and addict getting the help they need to recover. I applaud anyone seeking help and I would support anyone on the road to recovery. For those on the verge of taking thay first step, I never want a door to be shut. Stay stronp and keep going x
  • I am an ex addicts myself and without centres like this I wouldn't be where I am today, back with my family in recovery happier than I've been in years.
  • The lack of consultation by the Council has been tragic and a cause of wide confusion, anger and misconception. Presented is a vital service in a community location, a low risk user group, an available asset worth investing in and external funding to help maintain a library service. On reading Council information, attending local events, hearing about the processes of recovery support and knowing people from Fenham who are in recovery and who would benefit from this service, I have to support.


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