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To: City of London Corporation

Full Pay for Barbican Workers!

Full Pay for Barbican Workers!

Support casual staff during lockdown and beyond - give them the London Living Wage.

Why is this important?

From July this year the Barbican Centre enjoyed a successful phased re-opening, allowing thousands of Londoners to enjoy art, music, online events and cinema in a safe, healthy environment and soon we'll do it again. The frontline staff - gallery workers, audience experience, front of house and more - have the expertise to make this happen.

Unfortunately, in this second lockdown, the City of London have decided not to top up pay for non-contracted casual staff beyond the 80% granted through the government's Job Retention Scheme. Announced with less than a day to accept these terms, the City has thrown its lowest paid and most diverse group of workers, the people that the public sees on every visit, under a bus.

The City of London is committed to the London Living Wage. 80% of the London Living Wage is not a living wage.

Frontline staff deserve to be recognised, with 100% of their furlough being honoured as it is for all other employees of the Barbican & City of London.

Please sign our petition and join us as we call on the City of London to reverse this decision and offer all staff full pay.

Reasons for signing

  • For an organisation that made lots of noise about its commitment to anti-racism, it’s frankly embarrassing that the Barbican Centre and CoL don’t care to connect the dots here. Actions speak louder than words. And giving the most diverse group of your workforce 80% furlough when higher-paid staff get 100% dials the volume right up to foghorn. If the Barbican’s genuinely committed to ‘eradicating racism in all its forms’ (Nicholas Kenyon,June 12th) it should start by cleaning up its own backyard.
  • Given that a lot of us returned to public facing duties and enabled the Centre to reopen in a COVID safe way while bearing the infection risk and the wrath (at times) of non-compliant visitors, to *now* be denied a furlough top-up to 100% of our “living” wages when permanent, non-public-facing staff on higher salaries are given this benefit is a massive kick in the teeth.
  • Not only are casual staff essential to keeping the Barbican open, they did so during a pandemic. It is also worth noting that the casual staff represents one of the more diverse sectors of the workforce, and giving them only 80% furlough when others receive 100% just demonstrates further how minority groups are more indirectly discriminated against than others.


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