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To: City of London Corporation

Full Pay for Barbican Workers!

Full Pay for Barbican Workers!

Support casual staff during lockdown and beyond - give them the London Living Wage.

Why is this important?

From July this year the Barbican Centre enjoyed a successful phased re-opening, allowing thousands of Londoners to enjoy art, music, online events and cinema in a safe, healthy environment and soon we'll do it again. The frontline staff - gallery workers, audience experience, front of house and more - have the expertise to make this happen.

Unfortunately, in this second lockdown, the City of London have decided not to top up pay for non-contracted casual staff beyond the 80% granted through the government's Job Retention Scheme. Announced with less than a day to accept these terms, the City has thrown its lowest paid and most diverse group of workers, the people that the public sees on every visit, under a bus.

The City of London is committed to the London Living Wage. 80% of the London Living Wage is not a living wage.

Frontline staff deserve to be recognised, with 100% of their furlough being honoured as it is for all other employees of the Barbican & City of London.

Please sign our petition and join us as we call on the City of London to reverse this decision and offer all staff full pay.


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