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To: West Sussex County Council

Scrap plans to cut help for rough sleepers in West Sussex

Scrap plans to cut help for rough sleepers in West Sussex

Scrap plans to cut housing support services for homeless people in West Sussex.

Why is this important?

West Sussex council’s proposal to cut help for rough sleepers by £4m will have drastic consequences - more lives will be lost.

By 2020, the money the council spends on housing support services for rough sleepers, victims of domestic abuse, care leavers, and vulnerable elderly people, will decrease from £6.3 million to £2.3 million.

Years of under-investment by West Sussex County Council in social housing, social care and mental health services have resulted in increasing numbers of homeless people, many sleeping rough in parks, shop doorways and in beach shelters.

At a time when funding desperately needs to be increased, West Sussex County Council is proposing even greater cuts. The council needs to reverse its decision and make sure these services are protected for the future.

West Sussex

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Reasons for signing

  • Everyone should have a roof over their heads. Without that, what chance do they stand (job, etc).
  • A Home should be a HUMAN RIGHT
  • I was very sad to see a man bedding down for the night in a shelter next to the beach in Rustington on Saturday. The night time temperature is freezing, yet the shelter was completely open on one side.


2019-04-10 10:12:29 +0100

Please don't forget to ask prospective local Councillors in the May elections, whether they are aware of the proposed cuts by WSCC, how it will affect local services and what they intend to do about it - Thanks Walter

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