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To: Northampton Planning Department

Support Nings Thai Kitchen planning application

To accept and approve a planning application for Nings Thai Kitchen

Why is this important?

Ning has been trading for over 2 years on the original advice from the council.

After successfully starting business from scratch and creating 5 seasonal part time jobs we have been informed that because the mobile units are there all the time then we need planning permission.

This was brought to the attention of the council by a biased query placed by certain Blisworth Parish Council members acting in their own interests only our business in the village was singled out!...mmmmmm.

Ning has created something in the village of Blisworth that is unique and so obviously needed as she is fully booked most weekends in the summer, she has created 5 seasonal part time jobs which are mostly for young people in the village who are attending college or university.

As a business we welcome anyone and is very family friendly with a great atmosphere Ning provides the only eating establishment in the village as the local village pub no longer does food.

She has over 1500 followers on Facebook and thousands of hits on her google search as she is one of only 3 Thai restaurants in Northampton.

There has never been any trouble and people who come here fell safe and are happy to bring children of all ages to play with each other on the trampoline and slide etc.

Ning feels that that her business is now a real asset to the village of Blisworth and in Northampton as a whole as most people who come are from Blisworth and the surrounding villages, although people come from as a far away as Daventry and wellingborough.

So we are asking for your support to show Blisworth Parish Council and Northampton Council that Ning should be allowed to carry on providing a well supported restaurant and be allowed to grow as a business hopefully providing more jobs and a better service as time goes on.

Thank you Ning and Jay x

Mill Wharf, Gayton Rd, Blisworth, Northampton NN7 3BN, UK

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