To: Cllr Parvez Ahmed

Support our local young business leaders

Support our local young business leaders

Please grant a license at 17 Walm Lane, NW2 5SJ to stay open until 3 am on Thurs, Friday and Sat.

Why is this important?

I have grown up in Willesden Green and fully welcome the rising standard of our high street. But I think we can do more to improve the high street and make it a community destination - not a passage way.

The Social was created and run by a Willesden Green born and bred, young female entrepreneur, Niamh Walshe Bride. Not only does she employee local people, but she has built the venue into a comfortable, safe place for the community to meet and grow.

Niamh and the Social won a Brent Residents Recognition Award in 2017 and now Niamh now wants to start a new cultural and music venue at 17 Walm Lane. This will be a great way to help Willesden make the most of the night-time economy and the 24 hour tube. And there will there will be people out in Willesden when people are coming home, making the streets safer.

So please help support the license of a new inclusive bar of high standard in our neighbourhood and support our own home grown young entrepreneurs.

London NW2

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