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To: Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister

Support President Biden’s proposal to stop global tax dodging

We urge you to support President Biden’s proposal for a global minimum corporation tax ahead of the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June, push for the rate to be set at 25% and for poorer countries to get a fair deal in the international negotiations.

Why is this important?

Nothing angers the British public more than multinationals like Amazon, Google and others paying ultra low levels of tax.

The Biden plan is a once in a generation opportunity to put that right. The US president has proposed a new global minimum tax rate for companies to tackle this behaviour. After a year in which many big tech firms have done well, we need to build back better and move beyond our outdated global tax system.

The UK could benefit to the tune of £13.5 billion a year. With the UK's corporate tax rate due to go up to 25% in 2023, a 25% global minimum corporate tax rate would help to level the playing field for many British businesses who can’t dodge their taxes.




2021-07-21 11:10:04 +0100

Thank you for signing the petition. Together we have made history. At the G7 in June finance ministers agreed to a groundbreaking deal to tackle global corporate tax dodging. Over 130 countries are now on board with this approach.

But the current deal does not go far enough. The minimum corporate tax rate agreed is only 15%. We need to see 25%. And the deal doesn’t do much for lower income countries. Most of the extra money will go to the richest countries. We now need to campaign for a better deal. You can join us:

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