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To: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour party

Support Rachel Heywood and lift the suspension NOW!

Support Rachel Heywood and lift the suspension NOW!

Support Rachel Heywood and lift the suspension NOW!

Why is this important?

We the undersigned, call on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party to lift the suspension of Lambeth Labour Councillor Rachel Heywood.

Rachel Heywood, who represents one of the most deprived wards in the country (Coldharbour ward), has been suspended for doing exactly what is expected of an elected representative: standing in solidarity with her community.

Rachel Heywood's 'crime' has been to fight the devastating impact of Tory central government attacks upon her constituents and Lambeth residents.

Rachel Heywood proudly fought the ill conceived and dangerous Loughborough Junction road closures. She rejects the closure of Lambeth Libraries and the proposed demolition of Cressingham Gardens, Central Hill estate and the Housing Act. She rejects the displacement of long term resident businesses of the Brixton arches and the waste of public funds on the Garden Bridge.

We are appalled that a special meeting of the Lambeth Labour Group and Lambeth Campaigns Forum has decided to suspend Rachel Heywood.

We express our full support for Rachel Heywood and demand her suspension be lifted with immediate effect.



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