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To: The Prime Minister

Support refugee families

Support refugee families

We call upon the government to immediately reverse the decision to opt out of EU agreements on reuniting refugee families and put into place safe and legal routes for young refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives in the UK. This surely would be a mark of a compassionate and forward-looking society.

Why is this important?

It is important that we make the government aware of the depth of our feeling within our community. We need to ask why the government has introduced this apparent measure to scrap a scheme designed to enable refugee children and young people the opportunity to be reunited with members of their family here in the UK. This proposal adds more confusion and uncertainty to an already confusing situation. It will not stop young refugees from trying to come to Britain, but is likely to result in them taking increasingly dangerous routes to do so, putting them at the mercy of traffickers and people smugglers. This certainly feels like an extension of the hostile environment which we had hoped was a policy of the past.


Reasons for signing

  • Because we should be helping families rebuild their lives, not perpetuating their fragmentation


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