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To: The Scottish Government

Support UCU proposals for reforming governance of our universities

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James Rose
Support UCU proposals for reforming governance of our universities

Support UCU Scotland's proposals to make our universities more democratic, representative and transparent.

Why is this important?

The Scottish Government is consulting on a bill to reform higher education governance. UCU Scotland wants to see:

Elected chairs of governing bodies
Governing bodies to be more representative and to include trade union and student representation
An agreed definition of academic freedom to protect all academic and related staff


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Reasons for signing

  • higher education is degrading to a short sighted establishment mainly focused on money making. I can't believe universities are still considered charities!
  • I'm concerned about the increase in executive / administrator power and the corresponding decline in the influence of regular academics in Scottish universities.
  • Institutions of learning should be open and democratic in theri decision making


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