To: North Lincolnshire Council

Support Your Volunteer Councillors

Support Your Volunteer Councillors

We call on North Lincolnshire Councillors to support our towns and VOTE AGAINST the proposal to slash 67 unpaid Town Councillors at their meeting on 19th September.

Why is this important?

This affects the towns of Barton, Bottesford, Brigg, Broughton, Crowle & Ealand, Epworth, Kirton in Lindsey & Winterton.

We believe its important to support volunteers in our community as our unpaid Town Councillors are and in doing so oppose slashing their numbers in half by cutting 67 volunteer posts.

These volunteer councillors are people from all abilities and backgrounds who freely give up their time to come together to do their bit to make our towns better places for the future.

Democracy and accountability are important, cutting these numbers wont save money but will harm the councils ability to function fully and support the communities as they do now.

North Lincolnshire

Reasons for signing

  • is this what the Tories mean by taking back control? Less democratic accountability
  • This feels like yet another Tory attack on everything we hold dear. They have been weakening the welfare state since 2010 and damaging the NHS and now attacking democracy itself. Where is all this going to end?
  • I have signed because NLC are being ridiculous to drop councillors when they do an excellent job putting ideas and charities forward to improve each town and village. We need councillors so we have someone to talk to about what improvments we think can happen, who we can talk to about problems in confidence


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