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To: Councillors of Wirral Borough Council and Mayor of Wirral,Tony Smith

Suspend 5G Rollout on the Wirral

Suspend 5G Rollout on the Wirral

We, the undersigned are petitioning Wirral Borough Council to invoke the Precautionary Principle (1) and respect the human rights of citizens by halting the rollout of 5G on the Wirral immediately until such time as a thorough, independent investigation and peer-reviewed studies can verify that this untested technology and its associated infrastructure will have no adverse effects on public health, wildlife and the environment.

Why is this important?

In particular, we are concerned about the risks to public health, especially that of children, pregnant women and the elderly or those with chronic illness, and the impact on wildlife including birds, bees, animals and trees from this untested technology.

There is an abundance of peer reviewed published scientific research demonstrating biological and health effects at non-thermal levels of radio-frequency (RF) which the UK public are not being informed of. These include symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, palpitations, mood disturbance as well as more serious conditions including cancer, nervous system disruption, and reproductive impairment (2, 3, 4).

Current safety limits of RF used in the UK (by ICNIRP) and followed by Public Health England are set a million times too high for biological protection. They were set in the 90s to protect only from thermal heating effects and fail to protect from copiously documented, non-thermal effects.

The EMF Call (signed by 164 scientists and medical doctors together with 95 non-governmental organisations) urges all governments, the UN and the WHO not to accept the ICNIRP guidelines as they pose a serious risk to human health and the environment (5). ICNIRP is not independent of industry ties as it claims. Its opinions are not objective, not representative of the body of scientific evidence, but are biased in favour of industry (6).

Some councils in the UK have already opposed 5G (Glastonbury and Trafford) (7) and cities around the world including Brussels, Geneva, Florence and the XII Municipality of Rome are calling a halt to 5G (8).

Numerous International appeals by 100’s of concerned scientists and doctors are warning of the potential serious health effects of 5G and requesting a moratorium (halt) on the 5G roll out so that crucial safety testing can be carried out before people are exposed to its frequencies.

To expose people to 24/7 mandatory radiation constitutes a blatant breach of Human Rights. No public consultation on this 5G experiment has been conducted and no public consent has been obtained. This is a breach of the Nuremburg Code (9).

The Wirral community who you serve and are both accountable and answerable to, ask to have their collective views respected, represented and acknowledged, and respectfully ask that as their ambassadors, you, the Wirral Borough Council, will say no to the installation of 5G and its related hardware in the city that is their home. They believe that you must act immediately, and as a matter of public health urgency, invoke the Precautionary Principle and pause the rollout of this as-yet untested technology.

(7) Trafford:
(8) Brussels:
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