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To: Todd Stitzer, Cadburys CEO & Grant F. Reid, Mars CEO

Sustainable Confectionery Packaging

Sustainable Confectionery Packaging

Change the wrappers on your confectionery products back to the recyclable paper and foil packaging previously used.

Why is this important?

Almost all (if not all) confectionery packaging is not recyclable today adding to the waste sent to landfill. This is crazy considering a lot of the main confectionery products used to be sold in recyclable packaging until recently. For example, Dairy Milk bars (Cadbury), Galaxy bars (Mars), Kit Kats (Nestle) all used to be in foil and paper until relatively recently, which could be recycled. Today all those bars are in plastic, the non-recyclable kind.

Please sign the petition so we can show the big confectionery companies that their packaging matters and they actually need to return to their old packaging methods and expend that across their whole ranges.



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