To: Kent County Council Highways

Sustainable Grass and Hedgerow Cutting on Highways

Sustainable Grass and Hedgerow Cutting on Highways

Cut the excessive green overgrowth at a time of year that sustains wildlife and not kill it off just as the bird breeding season has began or when there are berries in the hedgerows for the birds to feed on. Think about timing and how corridors of foliage for wildlife should be kept open for them to follow. Please do not hack down everything in sight and tear the branches from hedgerows so that disease penetrates and we lose our hedgerows.

Why is this important?

Conservation of British wildlife whether it is birds, bees and butterflies or badgers, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs will be lost if the hedgerow cutters do not care. There are more hedgehogs in urban Cheriton, Folkestone that in Lyminge a country village.


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Reasons for signing

  • leave all hedgrows .cycle/footparths with the wild flowers and clovers to grow from spring until end of October.This not only saves and encourage wild life but saves on fuel used on the machines that cut these plants down .