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To: Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council

Switch All Our Streetlights On At Night For Safety's Sake!

Switch All Our Streetlights On At Night For Safety's Sake!

We, the undersigned, call upon Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council to take every step he can to find the funding to switch on ALL our streetlights. It is outrageous and unacceptable that 2,500 lights are still not on at night across Thanet. This is due to the lack of funding to change the concrete streetlights to metal to enable the fitting of low cost LED lighting.

We demand investment for our safety!

Why is this important?

Safety should not be compromised by a lack of government funding!
No-one should be at risk due to unlit streets. LED lighting is much cheaper but concrete posts need to be changed as soon as possible.
Many residents have to be out and about after dark and none should be at risk because the streets are unlit.

How it will be delivered

Deliver in person to Paul Carter at Kent County Council


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Reasons for signing

  • How many more young girls have to be sexually assaulted before Tory run KCC do the right thing and switch the street lights back on? How much more crime needs to take place before the Tories admit their mistake and turn the street lights back on?
  • They not only turned the main road lights out but also our street lights leaving us in complete darkness - crazy
  • People Need to feel safe and it's always good to save money on bills! Practical measure and very sensible all round.


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