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Tackling temporary accommodation

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Edward Gilchrist
Tackling temporary accommodation

I would like Robert Jenrick to make it law that all temporary accommodation is registered with the regulator of social housing to prevent people from living in poor conditions. I would also like Robert Jenrick to strengthen regulations on one-room accommodation so that families with young children are not housed here as they are unsuitable for children. At a minimum, the six-week rule used for B&B’s should also be applied to one-room accommodation. Finally, I would like Robert Jenrick to increase social housing as the amount of people relying on temporary accommodation is only going to worsen with the aftershock of the pandemic.

Why is this important?

It is extremely important that the conditions some of the most vulnerable people in our society are housed in are improved. Families with children should not have to endure such conditions which have negative impacts on young children’s development. With homelessness increasing every year it is very important that more social housing is built that people on a low income can afford. This is even more important with two million people fearing they won’t be able to find a home after the eviction ban is lifted. Temporary accommodation has become institutionalised and it isn’t sustainable. This must be reversed by building more social housing.

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