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To: Government & MPs of all parties

Tackle the GENERATION RENT Crisis Now - Before it Becomes Intractable

Tackle the GENERATION RENT Crisis Now - Before it Becomes Intractable

#GenerationRent is one of the biggest issues of our time. It’s becoming a crisis because it is undermining an entire generation who’re now 'locked out of buying a home' - and are now losing hope.

We want government to stop sidestepping it and put the #GenerationRent crisis top of the agenda.

The data is clear: the majority are LOSING HOPE of owning a home of their own. The squeezed middle have now been squeezed out of home ownership. It's time to act:

· Replace Help-to-Buy which has been enriching housebuilders & establish a fund to...
· Help First Time Buyer by providing a low cost loan to cover a 5% deposit
· Oblige banks to signpost alternatives & advice when declining a mortgage
· Modernise the affordability rules
· Better support for the Bank of Mum & Dad
· Work with us to create BeyondRent support hubs in every town & city
· Create a 'Peoples Assembly' on Homeownership – similar to that just agreed on climate change

Let's create a new focus and a new determination to work with innovators to solve this critical problem and better serve everyone - and especially the rising generation.

Why is this important?

An entire generation is being locked out of owning a home - with profound and long lasting consequences for families, their future and us all.

So much so that a whole generation are starting to lose any hope of owning a home.

The data tells us that unless something changes it will only get worse rather than better. Meanwhile government schemes, and taxpayers money, have been enriching the biggest and greediest housebuilders instead of helping the people who need it.

It's time for government to get a grip on the issue and to own it. Although the problem has some roots in global financialization there is plenty that government can and should do, and are not doing. They set the rules and frameworks within which the market operates - so no excuses, this is a fundamental issue for us all.

Housing is not just an asset or commodity for the rich to trade it's something we all need. It's also the source of any real wealth and financial stability for most ordinary working people.

So it's essential that we come together to tackle this now, for both the rising generation - and all those who follow them. Our children and grandchildren.

How it will be delivered

Press conference and deliver the petition to interested MPs at the House of Commons.


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