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To: Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Talbot Green Parking Review

Talbot Green Parking Review

To carry out a comprehensive review of parking arrangements within Talbot Green, giving consideration to those who live, work and shop in Talbot Green.

Why is this important?

Parking in Talbot Green is extremely limited, and with increasing popularity of the area as a shopping and dining destination a comprehensive review of both on and off-street parking is required.

With so few opportunities for long-term parking for those working in Talbot Green, residential streets are cluttered with vehicles with residents and their visitors finding it difficult to park on their own streets.

A balance needs to be found that allows Talbot Green to thrive both economically and residentially.

Talbot Green, Pontyclun

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Reasons for signing

  • Parking in the area doesn't seem to work well for disabled, shoppers, staff or people living in the streets close by so something more sustainable should be found to try and suit all needs. My personal reason is I'm disabled and slow so unable to use majority of spaces available for main street and those I can are usually filled. I only go for dentist now as too hard find a space
  • For a resident of Talbot Green, it is very frustrating that the 'access only' residential streets are used by shoppers and others as free car parks, often resulting in us not being able to park near our own house.
  • Parking is completely out of control and very little is done about it. Law breaking parkers are flouting the highway laws and know that there is very little chance (if any) of seeing a parking warden other than in the commercial high street.


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