To: Government

Talk to who?

Talk to who?

Provide our communities living with mental health issues ‘people to talk to’. As advertised ‘it’s good to talk’. Question is ‘who to?’

Why is this important?

Mental health is one of the front campaigns that our government are highlighting recently advising ‘its good to talk’. That’s great but to who. Our NHS mental health sector has no money to deliver enough quality and qualified people to talk to. The waiting lists are horrendous. People are suffering, families don’t understand, friends are few and far between. Yes, it’s good to talk, talking can resolve many a problem, but if there is nobody we can rely on and the mental health services can not provide this support then WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TALK TO? no good talking to a wall. People suffering do not want to pick up the phone and talk to a stranger, it’s hard enough picking up the phone when it’s someone we know. Provide a service where people can be seen within days/weeks not months/years


Reasons for signing

  • Believing in Mental Health... provide the people to talk to