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To: Tameside Council

Tameside Council should declare a climate emergency

Tameside Council should declare a climate emergency

Divest all pension funds away from fossil fuels and the arms trades, and instead invest in sustainable alternatives.

Why is this important?

The planet faces dangerous levels of global warming. We have recently seen bush fires on a massive scale in Australia, droughts in Cape Town, forest fires within the Arctic Circle, the melting of the polar ice caps, more violent storms in South East Asia, increased flooding across the UK and locally we had the moorland fires above Mossley in the summer of 2018. The poorest on our planet will suffer the most from sea level rises in Bangladesh and extreme drought in Africa.
Local councils from Camden to Oldham have issued a climate emergency but so far Tameside has not declared one. We the undersigned strongly urge Tameside Council to declare a state of climate emergency in line with national policy

Greater Manchester

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