To: The British government

Test all nhs staff regularly for covid

Test all nhs staff regularly for covid

To ensure all nhs staff and key workers are tested regularly for covid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Why is this important?

This is because we are frontline and have more exposure to the public than others do. We have worked through the first lockdown without a pay rise or much support and now we are expected to do the same again. None of us are able to access a covid test unless we display symptoms and it is not good enough anymore.
We deserve to be prioritised over others, because of our work and also due to the fact that we are keeping the economy afloat.
It is most disheartening when rich and famous people can access covid tests easily, however those of us on the frontline cannot. We should have protection and it would help to stop it spreading. It or our right to have a covid swab at least monthly. It is also to protect our families and those people in our care.