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To: Thameslink, Network Rail, TfL

Thameslink to add rail and Overground signage outside Denmark Hill station

There is currently no proper signage outside the busiest entrance to Denmark Hill station on Champion Park.

The building isn't signposted to the public, which makes it difficult for anyone trying to locate the station - particularly visitors coming from King's College and Maudsley hospitals. It is currently an anonymous brick building on a busy road.

There is one dark blue sign on the brickwork, but this is barely visible during the day. It's impossible to make out at night.

Despite raising this with Thameslink, the operator of the station, they refuse to add any signage - despite there being a prominent, illuminated British Rail and Overground sign on the much less busy entrance on Windsor Walk.

Thameslink claim the signage on Champion Park (there is none) is 'clear and obvious', but, er, there isn't any. There needs to be a clear British Rail and Overground sign.

Denmark Hill is the 39th busiest station in the UK. Every other station in London has signage that shows clearly where the station is. Thameslink need to introduce this to the Champion Park entrance to Denmark Hill Station. With the station becoming busier every year, it's ridiculous that it doesn't even have a sign to show where it is.

Why is this important?

Denmark Hill is the 39th most-visited out of the UK's 2,579 train stations. It serves two major hospitals, the new Salvation Army headquarters and is one of only two stations serving the 11,000 people who live in the Camberwell area. It's also a travel hub for people living in Herne Hill and East Dulwich.

It has no signage on its busiest side. If visitors are unfamiliar with the station (as many hospital visitors are), it's impossible to find by sight. It's currently an anonymous brick building on a busy road.

The newer, far quieter, side of the station has a prominent illuminated sign.

Thameslink refuse to add any proper signage to the busier side on Champion Hill, despite this being to the obvious detriment of hospital visitors and others.
London, UK

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