To: Gina Miller

Thank You Gina Miller!

Thank You Gina Miller!

We want to thank Gina Miller for her hard work on our behalf in forcing the government to act within the existing parliamentary framework; firstly on the Brexit vote, and secondly the unilateral £1bn DUP payment. The government intended to operate without a parliamentary vote but Ms Miller stood up for the best interests of the entire country, and through legal process reminded the Prime Minister of her duties.

Why is this important?

Gina Miller has suffered abuse and threats of violence from hateful people who do not understand the situation, and do not care to learn. We want Ms Miller to know that we will not stand for this bullying. It is not representative of the best British tradition of tolerance and acceptance of the rule of law, free speech, and due process. We will continue to oppose all forms of hatred and it is a testament to Ms Miller's character that she persevered under such tremendous pressure.

The lies and bias in tabloid newspapers, on social media and propagated by bots has convinced some individuals that Ms Miller has obstructed democracy - but we fully understand that the opposite is true, and are forever grateful to her for this.

Thank you Gina!


Reasons for signing

  • Gina is holding our Government to account in a way we would normally expect an opposition party to do.
  • Gina is our only hope to stop this madness that is Brexit.
  • Gina is a legend. Let's show her some love to balance out the ignorance masked as hatred xxxxxx


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