To: Government

The age of an adult?

Stop companies from charging children, legally anyone under the age of 18, adult prices.

If you take a child of 15 to the cinema and a film is certified as 15, you have to pay an adult price for them. How is this right or fair? Surely the legal age of a child should be followed in these circumstances, and not changed or twisted to line the pockets of these big greedy companies.

Also, tax on clothes. Children never used to pay value added tax on clothing.

Did you know that last month the government amended the zero rating on children's clothes and shoes to young children, in effect lowering the age of a child to 14.

Why are we all sitting back and letting them get away with this.

Why is this important?

If we allow the government and large companies to get away with this, what else will be changed to suit them.
This is allowing them to get away with parents having to fork out billions in extra tax, with a lot of families in the UK currently in poverty, every little helps to ease the burden.

How it will be delivered

I will email the signatures to our local MP Charlie Elphicke.