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To: David Cameron

The British people demanding the resignation of Rob Wilson MP

The British people demanding the resignation of Rob Wilson MP

We want the instant resignation of Rob Wilson MP

Why is this important?

Rob Wilson is an elected representative of the British people, paid out of the public purse. As such he has a duty to take seriously all questions set to him by members of the public and to conduct himself in a civil and respectful manner towards his constituents. On 8th May 2015 a constituent put this question to him on Twitter

L***** B**** @****photography
Homelessness is up 700% in #RdgUK during previous coalition. Wonder what the #Conservative cuts will do to address this @RobWilson_RDG?

His reply was;

Rob Wilson ✔@RobWilson_RDG
@****photography don't be a bad loser.
10:45 AM - 8 May 2015

This is unacceptable and could even qualify as gross misconduct seeing as he is a representative elected by the public and paid for by the public. This level of arrogance and open disdain for the very people he represents is completely unacceptable and his job should go to someone who will take it seriously and who will treat his constituents with the respect they deserve.

How it will be delivered



Reasons for signing

  • I am still awaiting an answer to a letter on paper which I sent him expressing my concern about hard Brexit. He has put some stuff up on his website about it, which does not answer my points, and seems to think when you write to him on issues of national importance that it's not his job to give more than a blanket answer. But a hard Brexit will damage us all.
  • He doesn't care about those most in need.
  • Not taking important issue of homelessness seriously


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2015-05-11 11:07:57 +0100

Ivor 'Jest Ye Not Madam' Biggun seems to lack basic comprehension skills. People are indignant not because of the party this man represents but because he is a paid public servant who has a duty to be respectful and polite to his constituents at all times. We would condemn this kind of arrogant, rude behaviour from ANY of the parties, not just the Conservatives .

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