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To: East Staffordshire Borough Council & Central Government

The Eaton Foundation homelessness shelter in Burton & Uttoxeter

The Eaton Foundation homelessness shelter in Burton & Uttoxeter

The Eaton Foundation currently supports many homeless people in Burton & uttoxeter and surrounding areas. We are overwhelmed with referral requests from homeless vulnerable people, there is a real need for a homeless shelter in Burton & Uttoxeter to cope with demand. The Eaton Foundation have become experts in the local area with vulnerable people and and a great reputation with other organisations in the area. We would like ESBC and central government to support us with a building and funding and resources to combat this ongoing issues.

Why is this important?

This is important because it is a growing issue in the local area and needs to be recognised. Every week there are more homeless people on the streets in the cold and rain with no where to go. This has a huge impact on their mental health, general health. This shelter would give homeless people a place to sleep for the night out of the harsh winter weather.

Burton upon Trent

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Reasons for signing

  • Burton is a caring friendly town, I miss Homelessness can impact us all.
  • It's a services defently required in burton


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