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To: The Scottish Government

The right to choose cannabis as a medicine

The right to choose cannabis as a medicine

We would like to show the Scottish Government how much public support there is for our right to choose cannabis as a medicine. We want them to see the volume of people whos lives will be changed if they take this matter into their own hands and away from the cruelty of Westminster.

Why is this important?

The Scottish Government have continually requested for drug policy control to be devolved to Holyrood from Westminster, which would enable them to introduce their own policies. They have been told NO every time because our pain and suffering is worth far too much to the politicians in Westminster who continue to control cannabis with unfair laws for their own personal gain.

We are having to stand by and watch the UK boast at being the biggest distributer of cannabis medicine in the world while they tell us it has no medicinal value. We need the Scottish Government to take the lead and stand up to these politicians in Westminster not just for the people of Scotland, but for every person in the United Kingdom who is suffering at the hands of the cruel and unfair laws that are currently being used to control cannabis. If Scotland make the change the rest will have to follow.

Access to cannabis clubs and decriminalisation of home growing is essential and what we need the Scottish Government to introduce immediately. There are hundreds of clubs already operating in the United Kingdom giving vulnerable people a friendly and safe place to learn about, and access fully tested cannabis from others who have vast experience and knowledge on the subject.

WE HAVE THE ATTENTION OF THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT AND THEY ARE HEARING US LOUD AND CLEAR. Lets show them how much we want and need this, don't just sign your name leave a comment too. Tell them why cannabis is so important to you because this time they will get the message!!!


Reasons for signing

  • My daughter has had uncontrollable seizure for 20 years now & tried every medication there is. Her consultant recently told us her type of epilepsy wasn’t allowed Canabis oil. 😡
  • I’m a great believe in use it to help and ease anxiety
  • We have a right to do so and to help ourselves and others who also need it


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On September 27th @ 1pm, MCRS will host the 3rd Medicinal Cannabis Multi-stakeholder Group meeting in the Scottish Parliament Buildings Holyrood. It will be attended by MSP's from all Scottish political parties, Police Scotland, NHS Scotland, Drug Policy Experts, Health Professionals, LEAP UK, Cannabis Entrepreneur and cannabis consumers. Most importantly Morris Fraser the new Team Leader for the Substance Misuse Unit/Policy Team will be there. Morris will be reporting back to Joe Fitzpatrick Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, who cant make it because of a very busy diary. They have opened the doors and are communicating with us so lets tell them what they need to hear.


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