To: The Ritz hotel

The Ritz gets richer

I want them to pay their taxes

Why is this important?

The Ritz Hotel has paid no Corporation tax for 17 (seventeen) years. Along with several other corporations the Ritz have used existing tax laws to avoid paying corporation tax. This is a more long running tax avoidance issue than any other company has been involved in. This entirely legal tax avoidance use series of tax reliefs to reduce its bill to Zero. While the country tries to manage by cutting back the welfare budget, the Ritz are happy to continue to avoid paying tax in the UK.

London, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Huge corporation @ the service of the super-rich: -> tax them with corporation of 40% of profits not distributed to staff in proportion of hours worked.
  • It's outrageous that in these times of cutbacks to the welfare state, rich companies can get away without paying their fair contribution. It makes my blood boil!


2014-10-25 17:20:05 +0100

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