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The Sanction Regime

Stop target sanctions , most unemployed people want to work ,they DONT need to have their only means of income drastically reduced

Why is this important?

It matters because the current government uses this to alter the true unemployment figures, the fact that it causes massive upheaval financial and health related does not seem to matter.

Stop! Demonising the poor and vulnerable with your media propaganda, we all know who the real villains in this country are, I have yet to see a program about Hedge Fund trading in the capital. I am a unemployed teacher who was sanctioned at Christmas for 4 weeks (which is standard practice now) I won my case and they did not even turn up to the court so i could challenge their decision.

I have been in the local paper about my story and on the local radio, (The News Guardian) they may be the government but that does not give them the right to destroy people’s lives to win votes.

North Shields

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